Sweetener from Monk Fruit Extract (Powder/Liquid)Natural Sweetener, pure taste uses a highly purified form of sweet Luo Han Guo to capture the sweet sugar taste better than ever.
Sweetness more than sugar 150 time
Milk CalciumA milk mineral concentrate with a natural high calcium content. Recommended in food matrices for a calcium fortification without texture defects.
Low Sodium SaltRange of products contains up to five times less sodium than table salt (NaCl). The Lactosalt™ range is used in partial or total substitution of salt in cheese and butcher products, in the pastry and bakery market, in sauces, soups and ready-made meals. 
DHA DHA from Fish . Highly refined and deodorised tuna oil and concentrated Omega-3 DHA fish oil in a stable and protected microencapsulated form. Offers a mild sensory profile and the matrix materials and antioxidants used are all food grade products.