Fruit Concentrate Paste

Fruit Concentrate pasteFruit Concentrate compound, use real natural fruit component.
Usage only 1% can give strong aroma , taste and color
Application for Ice Cream Base, Jelly Base, Pudding Base, Fresh Cream, Custard Cream, Beverage, Cheese, Bakery Dough, Pastry Dough, Macaron etc.
J-Forte Fraise (Strawberry)Strawberry from Japan is used
J-Forte CoffeeGround Coffee from Columbia is used
J-Forte Kokuto (Brown Sugar)Brown Sugar from Okinawa prefecture is used
J-Forte CaramelCaramel Taste like Bretagne Caramel
J-Forte MangoTommy Atkins from South America is used
J-Forte BlueberryBlueberry from Canada is used
J-Forte MelonWhite-Fleshed melon, Honey Dew Melon is used
J-Forte SakuraSugared Sakura Flower from Odawara , Kanagawa prefecture is used
J-Forte MatchaMatcha from Uji Kyoto prefecture is used
J-Forte RasberryRasberry from USA is use
Jupe YuzuYuzu (Yuzu Peel) from Kouchi Japan prefecture is used
Jupe Earl GreyBlack Tea Extract from Kenya is used
Jupe Hokkaido MilkPale Brownish Paste . It’s typical Hokkaido milk taste and flavor.