Galbani: Ham & Sausage


Galbani is one of the most prestigious Italian food companies worldwide, full of history and tradition, forward-looking and innovative at the same time.

Created in 1882 by Edigio Galbani and his father, Galbani became a benchmark for dairy products as well as a leading supplier of Italian cheese products. Today Galbani is # 1 in Italy for cheese products. Galbani sells over 300 products in 50 countries, which makes it the leading exporter of Italian cheeses in the world.

The world of Galbani is a world of quality, tradition and modernity. Galbani cheese products interpret Italian tastes and smells in a modern style through simple and natural flavours. Galbani pays close attention to its ingredients and production processes, from procurement to final production and delivery, in order to satisfy its customers in 50 countries

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