About Us


“KCG corporation” started its business in Thailand since 1958. Initially established as Kim Chua Trading Ltd., Partnership, KCG focused on importing and retailing food products such as butter, chesse, and canned goods.

KCG Logo

KCG’s symbol incorporates the characteristics of the firm’s premium food products that reflect the concept of culinary creativity, embraced by a golden sphere that represents the world of food. Each color in the logo resembles KCG’s product lines that form a coherent whole in creating pleasure for the customers’ tastes.


Vision & Mission

Vision “A leading Dairy and Fine Food provider and a committed business partner for modern lifestyle.” Mission To Our Customers We apply culinary arts and sciences, our connoisseurship, knowledge and innovation to meticulously offer our customers the tasteful, finest-quality and healthy foods from around the world for the value of living with business success. To

Cultural Organization & Core Values

Cultural Organization   All staff to work with passion and professionalism to create the pleasure of eating good food. We will integrate both the science (knowledge, capability and professional) and the art (creativity) of food We provide the best food from around the world. We also present a food story to enhance the pleasure of

Company Group

KCG Chef

Apart from the innovation service from our KCG Excellence Center Food Scientist team, we offer expert consultation from our highly experienced chefs that can guide, consult and solve any problems that may have in regards to food and bakery. These chefs are equipped with vast knowledge and know how on bakery, pastry and
confectionary products and can visit customer’s operations to help with menu creation or problem solving. Customers are also warmly welcome to our Excellence Center and consult with them directly on appointment. The achievement of this multitalented group of experts and their many years of combined experience have allowed KCG Corporation to develop delicious, tailor made recipes for a variety of top quality food product in the market

Our Customers


Logistics Effectiveness All products of “KCG Corporation Public Company Limited” are transported through an effective logistics system. All delivery trucks are installed with the data logger system for temperature control. The temperatures are adjusted to best suit the product range of KCG, ensuring the products’ freshness and premium quality. The vehicles also have real-time GPS systems

Green procurement

แนวคิดเกี่ยวกับ Green Procurement Green Procurement พิจารณาจาก… เปลี่ยนความหวัง ให้เป็นการลงมือ…