60th KCG Corporation: Gold Prizes by Hi-Road

“Mr. Damrongchai Vipawatanakul” (center), KCG Corporation Executive Vice President of Corporate Brands, congratulated and presented gold bars to a list of winning customers in the lucky draw campaign “60th KCG Corporation: gold prize by Hi-Road” in a bid to celebrate the 6th decade of KCG Corporation in the business and also promote whipping cream “Hi-Road”, a whipping cream brand known for its quality ingredients and acceptance amongst customers and bakers.  The promotional event offered food processers, and gold bars weighting 5 baht and 25 satang, amounting to 500,000 baht in total, to 61 customers. The session took place at the Imperial Bakery and food Culinary School (IBAF) on March 13, 2019.